Security Products

Security and intrusion Products
Development of a long range PIR intruder detector, concept and detailed 3d CAD design using Solidworks. Produce drawings to BS8888. Management of tooling acquisition from China, pre-production, testing and transition into final production.

This IP65 rated device consists of a number of mechanisms to deal with angular and rotational adjustment / locking and tamper detection. A generic set of mouldings were developed to accommodate many sales variants for the end product.
Security Products 3D Design

Injection mouldings
Utilise injection mouldings and off-the-shelf components to achieve a low cost lockable tilt and pivot mechanism with fine adjustment facility and electronic anti tamper device.

Electronic door entry system
This battery powered keyless door entry system comprises of smart card reader, electronic slip rings and a piezo actuated lock, all within a housing constructed from precision machined components.