3d Printing

3D Printing3d printing in ABS, PET and PLA for concept and proof of principle models. Rapid prototypes, assembly jigs and fixtures and low volume production parts.

A great way to value engineer your existing low volume production products where injection moulding is not feasible due to tooling costs.

Eliminate multiple components by replacing with a single 3d printed part.

3d printed rapid prototypesABS, PET and PLA Functional 3d printed prototypes
With our in house design projects we produce 3d printed rapid prototypes at various stages of the product development process for product validation and system tests
3d print large items in parts and bond togetharLarge parts produced by splitting into smaller logical sections, printing and solvent welding together with near invisible seams utilising orientation and alignment details. This technique is also good for reducing the amount of support geometry required to print the part thus reducing part costs.

3d printed theatrical props1 off theatrical props. Designed and 3d printed
1 off parts are not a problem. These theatrical props were developed in 3d from sketches supplied, 3d printed and finished in house.

small batch prototype parts for test and validation3d printed Low volume production parts.
Pre-production part runs for testing and validation prior to tooling acquisition.

3d printed name plaquesBespoke name plaques
CAD design and 3d printing UK Service
3d printed assembly jigs and fixturesDesign and 3d printing of assembly jigs and fixtures
Our 3d printing service is ideal for producing assembly jigs and fixtures. Using 3d models of the parts to be assembled, fixtures can be designed to nest with these parts so they can presented in a controlled way for down the line assembly processes.

low volume production 3d printingLow volume 3d printed production runs
Some parts cannot be injection moulded due to a low volume requirement or complex part geometry.
We produced a 3d printed low volume batch of cable glands in ABS material incorporating a functional thread detail.

Proof of principle functional test rigs3d printed Proof of concept models
During the design of an anti-backlash gear drive mechanism, The design was scaled up and a proof of principle model produced to validate the design concept.