Scientific Instruments

Particle Physics detector design
SuperNEMO Particle Physics detector
Working with UCL and Manchester University departments of high energy physics developing the SuperNEMO partical physics detector. The aim is to weigh a Neutrino atomic particle in order to fill gaps in scientific equations.

(Inset) Development of the SupereNEMO ‘Cell’ component consisting of snap together injection moulded and copper components. This device guides and clamps the 50 micron anode and cathode wires and is required in high quantities for the final detector.

Herschel space telescope – SPIRE instrument
Working with the Mullard Space Science Laboratory, part of UCL, on the SPIRE instrument, one of three infrared detector instruments aboard the Herschell space observatory positioned some 1,500,000 Km from Earth.

Optical mountings for infrared space telescope
Working closely with scientists at MSSL Developing the optical mirror mounts and aluminium caseworks. This was a worldwide collaborative university project and has advanced the understanding by scientists for the creation of distant stars and galaxies.